The Italian Almanac

Cinema in Italy - December 7th

Famous actor Giancarlo Giannini will start shooting a comedy movie, titled "Dubbing De Niro".

The movie tells the story of the Italian actor usually dubbing Mr. De Niro, who loses his job and suddenly decides to leave for USA and to meet the star whose voice he dubbed for so many years.

Giancarlo Giannini has long been associated with director Lina Wertmuller, and starred in her films "Love and Anarchy," "The Seduction of Mimi," "Swept Away...," "Seven Beauties" and "A Night Full of Rain."

His other credits include "Hannibal," "The Innocent," "Lili Marleen," "American Dreamer," "Fever Pitch," "Blood Red," "The Sleazy Uncle," "Once Upon a Crime" and "New York Stories."